Quality, Professionalism and Ethics


AWP Accounting is a service company, serving since 1989, in the following areas: accounting, tax, labor and corporate

Our company has a modern computerized infrastructure and competent professionals, providing services with quality, responsibility and ethics.

We also have Professional Liability Insurance from ACE Insurance.

  • Is registered by CRC-SP, Regional Accounting Council of the State of São Paulo.
  • Is associated to Sescon-SP, Union of the Accounting and Advisory Firms, Forensic, Information and Research in the State of São Paulo
  • Is associated to Aescon-SP, Union of the Accounting services firms in the State of São Paulo.


Providing services in a competent, integrated and agile way, aiming at the satisfaction of customers through improvement, quality assurance of our services and valorization of people, seeking continuous improvement and efficiency of the internal quality system.


AWP Accounting provides customized services covering the Municipality region of Sao Paulo and Greater Sao Paulo. We serve micro, small and medium enterprises in the sectors of industry, the wholesale and retail trade and services providers.



Perform Accounting services with excellence and ethics, meeting the expectations of our clients, through a committed and skilled team.


To be reference as an accounting company for excellence in providing services and also for the use of information technology.


Innovation, commitment, competence, responsibility and quality.


The AWP Accounting started its activities in 1989, with the union of the professionals, Mr. Alfredo Carlos Werneck de Avellar and Alexandre Possmoser.

Both professionals already acted in the accounting area in a textile company, where Mr. Alfredo played as a self-employed accountant and Alexandre as an accounting assistant.

The friendship and the dedicated work of these professionals, has urged for capturing new clients, beginning the formation of the company.

In 1994, Wesley Possmoser joined the team of professionals of the AWP Accounting and in 1997 became a partner. Paulo Cesar Estevam is part of the team since 2003 and became partner in 2010.

Wesley and Paulo Cesar have been contributing together with Alexandre Possmoser further more to the growth of the company, having conquered since 2005, certifications of PQEC - Quality Program of Accounting Firms.

Currently, the Office of the AWP Accounting is located at Rua Apeninos, city of São Paulo


Friend, teacher and motivator of people’s intellectual,personal and Professional development.

Alfredo Carlos Werneck de Avellar, a founding partner of the AWP Accounting, was born in 1932 in São Paulo. He graduated at the age of 22, as an Accounting technician in Technical Trade School Victor Viana, in São Paulo.

His career started in 1955, in Giorgio Ltda. Subsequently, worked in A. P. Green of Brazil S/A (1956), Vasp aerial photography (1966), Metacil Indústria Metalúrgica of Commerce and industry (1976).

In 1983, reached the post of administrative and financial manager of Telepatch Communication System. Throughout his professional life sought always to update and innovate his methods of work, following technical changes that had occurred in administrative area. His enthusiasm for work, a constant in his professional life, led him to go after his retirement, the path of autonomous work, dedicating himself to accounting and advisory services to small and medium-sized enterprises.

In 1989, featuring the work of Alexandre Possmoser, a young newly formed Technical accounting, joined forces and were extending the number of companies. In 1991, with computer skills and the collaboration of his son, Alfredo Carlos Werneck de Avellar Son, they founded the WP Data Processing, passing by the total computerization of services rendered.

With the expansion of the work, the WP Data Processing was transformed in 1997 at the AWP Accounting. The success of the career of Mr. Alfredo and the development of the AWP Accounting is due to its philosophy of work and the transparency in the way they administer. Thus, allowed that both employees of AWP Accounting, and also the companies assessed had access and knowledge of the entire organization system of services, ensuring and prioritizing always quality, excelling and ethics at work.

On 17 September 1997, Mr. Alfredo Carlos Werneck de Avellar passed away in full professional activity. Having been a teacher, a supporter in the intellectual and professional development of individuals, his greatest legacy has been the continuity of the AWP Accounting activities till nowadays through his partners Alexandre Possmoser, Wesley Possmoser and Paulo Cesar Estevam along with their team of collaborators.