AWP Accounting provides complete services in accounting, tax, labor and corporate.


  • Accounting/Commercial bookkeeping in accordance with the accounting principles and standards in force.
  • Verification of balance sheets and income statements monthly.
  • Elaboration of annual balances.
  • Reconciliations and composition of ledger accounts.
  • Survey and maintenance of control over assets.
  • Preparation of management reports.
  • Standardized documents archive system.


  • Bookkeeping of tax books legally required.
  • Advice, analysis, guidance and control of the Federal, State and Municipal legislation application.
  • Calculation and control of taxes from “Simples” framed companies.
  • Preparation and delivery of legal obligations such as GIA, GRF and GISS.
  • Calculation and issuance of taxes and contributions due to bookkeeping , such as ICMS, ISS, IPI, TFA, TFE, PIS, COFINS, SIMPLES NACIONAL, IRPJ and CSLL.
  • Bookkeeping of the SPED obligations.
  • Transmission of the digital files through internet of the SPED.
  • Assistance to inspections at the federal, state and municipal sphere.
  • Installments of tax debits.
  • Elaboration and delivery of the Declaration of Income Taxes Individuals and Companies.
  • Elaboration and delivery of DCTF - Declaration of debits and credits of federal tax


  • Elaboration of payroll and remuneration of quota holders with issuance of payment receipt.
  • Registration and maintenance of employees’ records.
  • Elaboration of experience contracts. Employee’s admission and termination.
  • Elaboration of Income reports: quota holder’s remuneration, autonomous, legal entity, rents and profits.
  • Ancillary service obligations: CAGED - Registration of employees Admitted and dismissed; DIRF - Declaration of Information of Withholdings Tax; RAIS - Annual relation of Social Information.
  • Issuance of payment forms: GPS, INSS, FGTS, DARF and Labor Contribution.
  • Control and preparation of vacation information to employees.
  • Employees registration: PIS, CTPS registration.
  • FGTS form request.
  • Follow up of agreements and collective bargaining.
  • Follow up of the labor and social security inspections.


  • Establishment of enterprises and elaboration of Social Contracts observing legal and Regulatory agencies requirements.
  • Contractual changes (capital stock, social objective, board, society changing, address, among others).
  • Closure of companies (cancellation and closure of inscription nigh Governmental Organs: Federal, State and Municipal.
  • Obtainment of Negative Certificates: Municipal, State and Federal.
  • Inscription of Micro enterprises and Small Enterprises into “Simples Nacional”.
  • Consultancy in digital certifications.
  • Triage / Audit of documents.
  • Regularization and research on stripe backlog with Municipal, State and Federal public bodies.
  • Establishment of MEI Micro Empreendedor Individual.

AWP Accounting


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